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Think Outside the (Cake) Box

Think Outside the (Cake) Box Once upon a time, there was one color for a wedding cake (white), one shape (round), and one embellishment (a bride and groom on top). Eventually, bakers branched out: tinting icing, decorating with fresh flowers, experimenting with new flavors and shapes. Think “Cake Boss” TV Show and Carlo’s Bake Shop . Today, if you can imagine something, you can probably have it turned into a wedding cake. But What If You Want Something Truly Different? Wedding planners, bakers, and chefs in Connecticut and throughout New England are willing to help you design a treat that will delight your wedding guests and be remembered long after your reception. We particularly like A Little Something Cakes in West Hartford and Creative Cakes By Donna in Haddam. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Think Small Cupcakes, arranged in tiers to look like a wedding cake, are a popular option. To personalize them, consider having them decorated with symbols of your hone