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6 Reception Mistakes You Need To Know About Before Your Wedding

In our over thirty years of experience providing music and entertainment we've seen ALOT.... some really unique events, many elegant and classy and some destined for failure before we even got involved. Every Bride wants that fairytale wedding - everything goes off perfectly and you both ride off into the sunset on your Honeymoon. But, in reality, many Brides and Grooms, overlook some mistakes that we see occur commonly: 1) Trying To Copy A Wedding You've seen your perfect reception on "Four Weddings" or on another one of your favorite wedding related TV shows, bridal magazine or attended a friends wedding.  Now you want yours to be "just like theirs"!  STOP!!  Even if you have a lavish television budget and can duplicate the locations and vendors... it's NOT going to be the same! We've had clients express that they want exactly the same music as so-and-so's wedding.  Even if we could, we can't re-create the atmosphere and the exci