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Summer Weddings.... Here's What You Need To Know

Picture it now: a nice warm gusts of wind, an outdoor setting, bright colors and the sounds of birds in the air without a single cloud in the sky… There are so many perks to summer weddings!!  It’s the perfect time of year for weather, scenery, and even the attitudes of other people, which are made much more pleasant by the presence of the sun and warm weather. Of course, you can’t really change the weather, but you can try to. The weather forecast is not always the most reliable thing, especially when you really need to be able to count on the five-day forecast. There are a few facets to summer wedding planning that any bride-to-be or wedding planner should keep in mind, and the first one actually is the weather. Many people plan their weddings for the summer time because the weather is a bit more predictable during this time. If you’re lucky, you will get beautiful sunshine, a light, cooling breeze and a nice clear night for the reception. If you are like any other bride in