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Hiring Your Wedding DJ.... and Thinking They Are All The Same

After all they’re just playing music, so they must ALL be the same, right? WRONG! There are many folks that can pony up the money for really nice equipment and are capable of plugging in and playing some tunes, but very few who have enough experience in entertaining an audience and organizing the smooth flow of a reception to fill the thimble. This is where you must be very tough minded and asking your prospective DJ where the experience comes from. It is a mistake to think that a person who has only “club” or “corporate” experience can get through a wedding reception. An inexperienced DJ may be able to get through a simple birthday party or backyard gathering, but where they really can wreak havoc is at a wedding reception where timing, organization, and flow are vitally important. Be sure to obtain a list of wedding reception specific references. The best advice I can give you is that whatever DJ or company you hire, you better be sure that there is someone there who has a st

10 Things You Can Learn From Our Experience on "Four Weddings"

Have you ever watched that reality TV show called “ Four Weddings ” on TLC?  Atmosphere Productions recently appeared on this reality television show for the first season finale “.. And A Ball and Chain”, with Eric and Amanda’s wedding at  The Spa at Norwich Inn.   You can download and watch the episode directly from  Amazon . If you watch enough of them, you really can get a sense of what is important and what is not at a wedding.  Having a bigger budget is not always the way to guarantee a bride wins the honeymoon.  Spending your wedding budget wisely and paying attention to the flow of the day is really what makes a wedding GREAT. Here are 10 things you can learn from watching this show: Keep your ceremony short and make it personal. Be on time….it’ll impact your entire day. Make sure there is enough FOOD for your guests and give them more choice than just cheese and crackers. Give your guests options for meal choice… better yet Food Stations with plenty of variety.