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Atmosphere Productions: Nothing Says "You're Important!" Like A Personalized Gift

      My name is Lonnie Hampton and I’m the owner of Say It Then Print It.  I’ve been doing this part-time for 3 years.  My goal is to provide unique products that can be personalized a special message.  Say It Then Print It offers personalized candy bars, mintbooks, bottled water and more!      By creating your own special message to be placed on the packaging, a candy bar becomes a personalized gift especially for your clients, family or friends… bottled water becomes an event showpiece or high visibility advertisement, and our mintbooks are perfect mementos for just about any event.      Say It Then Print It personalized candy bars, mintbooks and bottled water are unique, eye-catching, and created to be customized with a personal message to complete it.  I have over 350 professionally designed products with themes for all occasions including: birthdays, holidays, business, baby showers, birth announcements, graduations, bridal showers, weddings, and many, many more. Check