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Atmosphere Productions: Liability Insurance

When looking for wedding vendors, it can be a concern laying down a deposit for your photographer, DJ or videographer a year or more in advance of your wedding date.  You really don't know them.  Many do not have large offices or store fronts.   Typically, your banquet facility isn't going to disappear in the dead of night with your deposit (although a few have in the past few years). One way to distinguish one vendor from another is asking to see their Liability Insurance policy.  Why? If a wedding vendor runs their company in a professional manner, then Liability Insurance is never an option.  It is a must and simply a way of doing business.   There are even many banquet facilities that require proof of Liability Insurance before vendors can work in a particular venue.  Sometimes the facility uses this need for Liability Insurance as a way to persuade potential clients to choose only vendors on their recommended list.   Atmosphere Productions LLC and all the