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What Goes Into Making A Wedding SUCCESSFUL!

Many couples just don’t understand what goes into making a wedding SUCCESSFUL… goes way beyond just pushing some buttons and playing music. It’s not the couples fault. There are so many mediocre CT wedding DJ’s that it seems poor performance is the norm. It takes time to practice this craft and since I will never be PERFECT, then I will continue to practice and put my time and efforts into making my craft better. Many mediocre CT wedding DJ’s don’t spend that time to practice and refine their craft.  Therefore, most CT weddings are cookie-cutter. Your reception will be FUN, MEMORABLE & UNIQUE if you use ATMOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS. We’ll incorporate your ideas and our talents to make YOUR reception UNFORGETTABLE. Here’s how we enhance your wedding day experience: PERSONAL CONSULTATION : 1-2 Hours:  This will cover all aspects of your reception, from entrance of your first guest to the final goodbye. During your consultations, we’ll use our creativity and expertise gained from our