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How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can be as simple as one sheet of cardstock printed with the basics, or they can include a number of enclosures. Not sure what you need? Here is a complete guide to the various enclosures you may want to include in your wedding invitations. Depending on the nature of your wedding and your stationery budget, you may choose to consolidate and forgo certain invitation enclosures. Here’s what you need to know to assemble your wedding invitations. Outer envelope   Most wedding invitations consists of two separate envelopes.  The outer envelope (the one actually scanned by the post office) lists the complete names and addresses of all recipients and holds all enclosures. Inner envelope The inner envelope lists only the names of invited recipients. It holds all the contents of the formal, third-person invitation for protection during shipping. Reception cards  Reception cards specify where and when the reception will be held. These are only necessary if the