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Atmosphere Productions: Pinteresting Decor Ideas

From Connecticut to Anywhere: Transporting Your Wedding with Creative Decor Before you read any further, remember this: your wedding can be stunningly beautiful with decor no more complicated than flowers, a few candles, and accent linens in your chosen colors. That said, a world of creative wedding decor options is open to you, and they need not be expensive or manufactured. Google "wedding decor" and the first several hits are for places that want to sell you stuff. Stuff to make your wedding pretty. Stuff you'll probably never use again. Stuff that has no soul. It will cost you pots of money and be absolutely unmemorable. So what's a bride (or groom) to do? You know the answer already, I suspect. This writer planned her wedding in the cold, primitive days of the late 20th century, when our only source for wedding inspiration was bridal magazines (designed to sell stuff, and see above) and our older cousins' weddings (which, by definition, was "been

Atmosphere Productions: 3 Top Tips for the Mother of the Groom

The mother of the bride gets all the fun. Watching her little girl shop for bridal gowns all over Connecticut, helping to choose color schemes and venues and the menu for the reception. What's in it for the mother of the groom? Besides getting a new daughter out of the deal? Quite a lot. The role of the mother of the groom is to serve as a liaison between the two families, which means, if you do it right, you're not just gaining a new family member, but a new family of friends. Here's how to do it right: 1. Make the first move. Traditionally, the groom's family hosts a get-together with the bride's family soon after the couple becomes engaged. Even if the families already know each other, this is a nice gesture, and besides--now you have something new to talk about! The dinner need not be formal; in fact, it might be more fun and relaxed if it's not. But it's a great opportunity to let the bride and her family know of your willingess to be involved i