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Atmosphere Productions:4 Reception Options That Will Wow Your Guests

1. Lighting - architectural lighting just a small touch of lighting behind the sweetheart table can make a huge difference in your pictures.  A splash of lighting behind the cake will be instantly noticed by your guests.  Of course, a full room custom lighting to accent and bring to life any banquet room. 2. Photo Booth - your guests will be actively involved and within 30 seconds you get to see how much fun your having. You can party props like, hats sunglasses and big hair or go traditional with b&w pictures.  Your guests will leave a message in the guest book and have fun memory to take home with them. 3. Strolling Violinist - spice up your cocktail hour with a live musician strolling around your guests taking requests and playing traditional classical to versions of today's standards. 4. Your Name In Lights - your the star of this event so why not have a custom designed gobo projecting 6 feet letters of with your name or monogram. We'll use the latest in LED