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5 Hidden Costs That Could Blow Your Wedding Budget

5 Hidden Costs That Could Blow Your Wedding Budget.    Those hidden costs always creep up on you when your planning your wedding budget.  Just when you thought you’ve figured everything out, here comes more hidden costs…  What to do? Here are the top hidden costs that most couples overlook: Insurance Hidden costs like this need to be IN the budget.  We’ve featured a comprehensive blog post on why this is so very important.  Websites like offer wedding insurance.  Trust us.  Have yourself some peace of mind and get a quote. Postage You’ll need a lot of stamps for your save-the-date’s.  Then, theres the invitations, and finally the thank-you’s. Postage rates could add up for each piece of stationary. The hidden costs is to keeping your paper products simple and not bulky. Hotel Room for the Night Before… and Night After! Staying in a hotel room the night before your wedding day is a great idea. It may just help with stress your levels. You can wake up, have a cup of coffee,