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Time for Photography by Bob Hennessy

Your wedding day is 24 hours or 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds short. Why short? Because it is divided by a million things to accomplish! By now you should know them by heart but if not you soon will. That morning you’ll be busy with things like hair, makeup, getting dressed, eating. That’s right. Don’t forget eating and photography at the house. These and many, many other items are all part of the time allotment puzzle. Some photographic styles have developed purely to ease the tension associated with “the day”. Candid or photojournalistic styles don’t require stopping the action or taking away minutes you’d prefer devoting to other activities. More traditional or stylistic choices may require additional time for set up, lighting requirements etc. but can be creatively scheduled throughout the day or even at a later date. The final outcome should really be determined by your choice of photographic coverage. Whether your preference is for one or the other or a mix of both will determi