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Atmosphere Productions: Choosing the Perfect Favors for Your Connecticut Wedding

One of the nicest things about weddings is celebrating your love together with people who have loved you throughout your lives. Presenting your guests with wedding favors is a way to invoke fond memories of the event long after the wedding. Sure, you can toss some chocolates or Jordan almonds in a pretty box and call it good. But why not give favors that say something about you and your spouse, and where your life together began? If you're getting married  in Connecticut, especially near the water, consider giving your guests nautical themed favors from Mystic Knotworks . Beautiful, long lasting and practical, a keychain from these Connecticut craftspeople is a symbolic way to thank your loved ones for being there when you "tie the knot." If you want to be sure tokens won't be stuffed in a drawer or gather dust on a shelf, give something that is both attractive and useful. One favor that meets both criteria is this set of heart-shaped measuring spoons . Bearing

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress For You

In order to find the right dress for you, a few things need to be taken into consideration: A Budget - Obviously you can’t get very far with a dress that is way over your budget. Set a price for yourself and remember to include an estimate of the alterations. Sometimes stores are organized by price so be sure to stay in your section. You’ll know when the dress is the right one for you. Time of Year - If you are having an outdoor ceremony in the summer, you’re going to want light weight fabric that won’t make you overheated. On the contrary, in the winter you would want a heavier fabric or even longer sleeves. The Silhouette - There are so many different styles of dresses to choose from. Most bridal magazines have guides to choose the one that is right for your body. Take some time to look those over or simply try different styles on so you can see for yourself what fits the best. Your Dream Wedding-  Although many different things have an effect on which dress you choose, ne