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Atmosphere Productions: Ten Reasons To Hire A Professional DJ

It's that time of the year, when Bridal Show season is coming to an end.... and it certainly has been an interesting few months. We did a number of large and small Bridal Shows throughout the New England area and noticed that couples are looking for quality services even though budgets may be tight.  The consensus seems to be that many are realizing that the "right" entertainment WILL make the difference for this once in a lifetime event. Still others, too many it seems, have decided to take the risk and use "a friend of a friend" or the "cheapest" or worst, the "discount dj" with the "special offer" at the Bridal Show. So, if you've been out shopping for a DJ, with the assumption that every DJ is pretty much alike, and you find someone that is 1/2 the price of other area DJs.... this article is for you.... What a bargain!! Here is what you might expect from them: 1) They will probably not return your calls when you