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The Passionate Pear Catering Company

The Passionate Pear Catering Co., a partnership created by Chef Sherie James and Chef Debbie Ashe,  just recently opened a location at 178 North Main Street, East Longmeadow, MA.    Their common interest and love of food is what ultimately reunited these two high school friends. It was in preparing food with family and friends that both chefs genuinely fell in love with the art of cooking and led them both to attend the Connecticut Culinary Institute after years of working in other careers.  Distinct in their specialties, Debbie is a Pastry Chef and Sherie is a graduate of the Advanced Culinary Program with experience in both sweet and savory cooking and specializes in gluten-free food preparation. Today, creating, preparing and sharing delicious food is the passion that binds these two women together. Their mission is to share this same enthusiasm for food and excellence with their clients by creating lasting and memorable events through a combination of