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Top 21 Cocktail Hour Soulful Selections

How about listening to something different during the Cocktail Hour? I enjoy delving into my collection of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s soul and R n B music and sprinkling some choice selections for my clients to hear at the wedding reception.  Especially when I get two thumbs up or a guest runs over and tells me that “No one ever plays this music anymore” or “This is a great song… who is it?”.  As a friend once told me, if it’s the first time you’re hearing a long lost oldie, then it’s a brand new song to you then. And don’t be fooled…. just because it was recorded recently by a contemporary artist doesn’t mean that it’s not “soul”. Here are 24 soulful selections that bend the genre and cross all the way over! This is by no means a definitive list… just some of my favorites at this moment in time. Try some of these during your Cocktail Hour (in no special order): Jackson 5 – I’ll Be There (Minus Mix) Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – This Guy’s In Love With You Candy Dulfer