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4 Reception Music Mistakes To Avoid

You’ll want to avoid these simples wedding music mistakes…. Silence is Not Golden Wedding guest are anxious to head the cocktail hour and head to the bar and relax.  Nothing makes this time seem interminable than silence.  Always have a constant flow of music.  You might think that having no music during cocktail hour mail save you some money but it makes for a LONG reception for your guests and is often a big mistake.  One of our suggestions is one of our live musicians – a strolling violin or a guitarist.  Music like this will help make your guests feel more comfortable and create a pleasing atmosphere. Second Guessing A Professional In order to save some money, you might think that providing your own music via an mp3 player and your favorite streaming service will be enough for the reception…. WRONG!!! Hiring a professional means you won’t have to worry about managing the music and events along with all the other things you have to do on your wedding day.  Even if you p