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Atmosphere Productions: Honeymoons Are Happening

Honeymoon planning is less affected by economy, so says a recent survey by and . This comprehensive report surveyed more than 17,500 US brides married in 2012.  More than 3 in 4 couples (77%) took a honeymoon. As we see the economy's effect on wedding planning continue to lessen, the impact on honeymoons continues to lessen too. The middle of the country tends to stay put, while the East and West Coasts get as far away from home as possible. 84 percent of nutmeggers and 89 percent of Rhode Islanders take honeymoons, the highest figure in the country. Only 44 percent of Alaskans make the trip. Atmosphere Productions LLC  is a CT Wedding DJ, providing professional mobile entertainment service, Music, Reception Entertainment Directors, MC and DJ's primarily for Weddings in the Greater Hartford area but throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and in the New England area. Specializin

5 Things Your Guests Won’t Tell You

 By Alan Berg, North America’s Leading Expert on the Business of Weddings & Events I remember hearing Colin Cowie speak to a group of Wedding Planners in NYC. He said that he tells his couples (who are spending millions on their weddings) that it’s not really their wedding. It’s their first chance, as a married couple, to host a party for their friends and family. That surprised me as we always think of weddings as being for and about the couple. The ceremony is definitely for and about the couple. The party that follows is a celebration of that marriage, with your closest family and friends. If you accept that perspective, what would you do differently? If you’ve been a guest at one, or more weddings, what would you have liked to have told the newly married couple, but you couldn’t (or you and other guests just told each other, quietly at the table or afterwards)? Here are 5 things that your guests won’t tell you (unless they’re brutally honest or blunt). 1)