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Think A Longer Wedding Reception Is Better?

There is a common misconception that the longer the party is, the more fun it is. Many brides get carried away in thinking that they should party till they drop, but I want to point out the reality: In many cases, if your guests have attended your ceremony and will be with you all day, it is a longer day than you might think. Your special day will be infinitely more memorable if you end on a high note, as opposed to stretching it until only few guests remain standing. Setting up the perfect final song, with everyone on the dance floor will result in cheering guests, a proper send off, and raving reviews from your loved ones. Extending only conjures up visions of last call at the bar with only the hardcore partiers stumbling their way out the door. A perfect time-frame for a wedding reception not including the ceremony is 3 to 4 hour for an afternoon reception, and no more than 5 to 6 hours for an evening reception that includes cocktail hour. Friday and Sunday receptions sh

10 Reasons To Hire A Professional DJ

It’s that time of the year, when Bridal Show season is upon us…. Every year, it seems, couples have decided to take the risk and use “a friend of a friend” or the “cheapest” or worst, the “discount dj” with the “special offer” at the Bridal Show. Let me be clear, the consensus of OUR clients seems to be that the “right” entertainment WILL make the difference for this once in a lifetime event. So, if you’ve been out shopping for a DJ, with the assumption that every DJ is pretty much alike, and you find someone that is 1/2 the price of other area DJs…. this article is for you…. What a bargain…. BUT here’s what you might expect from them: They will probably not return your calls when you’re frantically trying to reach them 2 weeks before your wedding Your first dance?  That will be the one song they were meaning to get, but they didn’t get around to it.  Would you like to dance to something else? They have a website – but it’s been it isn’t much more than stock photos, a