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The Most Important Tip For Your Wedding Reception Sound

The Most Important Tip For Your Wedding Reception Sound.   Your wedding reception sound location, for the wedding entertainment, in relation to the dance floor and your guests, is a crucial element.   A good rule of thumb is to place the entertainment right on the dance floor (see the below floor plan).   Recommendations This allows the entertainment to see and communicate with all guests and quickly react when reading the crowd. We do recommend that the music levels should be concentrated on the dance floor for the comfort of your guests and for the total enjoyment of the reception.   Each ballroom has it’s own acoustic imprint which will either give great sound or not. We do a lot more than just set-up the equipment and play the music. Sometimes we can electronically correct the sound – often times it’s totally out of our control.   Your input to the banquet facility and it’s staff is essential. When you complete the facility ballroom floor plan and seating arrangements, it is cruci