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Mothers and Brides: 3 Tips for Happily-Ever-After Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can really put a strain on a relationship--and not just the one between a bride and groom. Just as most brides have dreamed of their wedding day, most mothers of girls have dreamed of seeing their daughters walk down the aisle. When those dreams conflict, what should be a joyful time for everyone can become a tearful one. Here are some tips for keeping all your wedding tears happy. 1. Money Matters.   Wedding dreams often run up against financial realities. Before the wedding train starts gathering steam, all parties involved should set a budget and understand what it allows for. Then, adjust expectations: brides shouldn't expect to have their parents pick up the tab for everything without having some input; mothers of the bride should understand that paying for all or part of their daughter's wedding doesn't mean they get to call all the shots. One of brides' most common complaints is that their moms try to seize control of the wedding plannin