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Testimonial - Alison and Ryan.

Testimonial – Alison and Ryan . “DJ SAM made our reception exactly what we wanted it to be!” “When we started planning our wedding, we knew we wanted a very informal outdoor reception where people could truly just enjoy the day with us. One of our biggest visions of our day was having as many people on the dance floor for as long as they’d like. We’ve been to many weddings before and we’ve come to understand that the DJ really creates that atmosphere, so we wanted to hire someone who would be able to read the crowd and keep the night alive. “From the beginning, working with DJ Sam was extremely easy and stress-free, as he is incredibly professional and organized. His website and the worksheets he provided walked us through all the information he needed from us and that we needed from him. Not to mention, he provided us with so many ideas and options that it was such a relief to have one less thing to stress over in planning our wedding. “He was also able to help us facilitate the flo