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Bridal Show Do's and Don'ts

Did you know that 70% of all of the engagements will happen on during the Christmas Holidays, New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day? Is it that the gentlemen are just lacking for originality, or maybe the romance of the season is just too good to pass up? The result of the 70% of those engagements is that thousands of newly (excited) engaged brides flood the bridal show market each year, which is why, in New England, we have these shows predominately from January - March. A bridal show is the ultimate way to shop for wedding services. Unlike a magazine or web site, you can see, touch, sample, and question everything wedding related at these events! Now first and foremost, please remember that the vendors at these bridal shows have paid to be here! They can pay $2000 and more for a booth, just to have the chance to fight the other vendors to romance you for your business. The majority of v

Sweet 16 - January 30th

We would like to send out Happy Sweet 16 Birthday wishes to Gina who, with her friends, enjoyed a fantastic fun filled evening with dance music and karaoke provided by the unbeatable team Atmosphere Productions and The Karaoke Mafia. Photo: Copyright © 2010 Atmosphere Productions™ LLC , All Rights Reserved. Become a fan on Facebook