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Honeymoon Destination Checklist: 6 Things to Look For

Once the wedding ceremony is over, you’ve officially begun a new life together as husband and wife. Now the time has come to celebrate the start of your “happily-ever-after.” Yes, it’s time to embark on one of the most romantic trip of your lives - your honeymoon.   The honeymoon gives you the chance to relax and wash all the pre-wedding worries away. It’s also a time to enjoy each other’s company before facing the harsh realities of married life. Unfortunately, honeymoon planning is no walk in the park. Some couples even fight about which destination is right for the both of them. To spare you from the argument and help you agree, I’ve come up with a few things to consider when choosing a honeymoon destination. Whether it’s going to be a snow-capped getaway or a Caribbean vacation , these pointers will help you make a decision. 1. Breathtaking view Nothing inspires romance better than a scenic backdrop. A vast starlit sky? A beautiful sunset? Long stretche