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Wedding Flip Flop Favors For Your Guests.

Wedding Flip Flop Favors For Your Guests. These magic flip flop favors will make your guests dance. Sometimes uncomfortable shoes can really kill the mood at a wedding reception. Consequently, why not make it easy for your guests to relax and really kick up their heels by letting them kick OFF their heels! Flip flop favors are perfect to offer guests to slip into for a beach ceremony, after dancing or just for a fun favor! Rest Assured Here’s a great idea from our recent clients. Have flip flop favors available for your guests BUT give them a reason to relax and dance…”Feet Tired – Try these magic Flip Flops. They make you dance!” Not only will the ladies in the Wedding Party love this but also your guests who were on their feet during an hour Ceremony plus a near two hour Cocktail Hour! Also, we’ve seen four cute woven boxes with flip flop favors sizes 6-10 and in different colors. However, the boxes are placed next to the DJ Speakers right on the dance floor. So, along with