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Unique & "Live" - A Strolling Musician

No more do you have to listen to a whole Kenny G disc or elevator music during your cocktail hour and dinner.  Bring the unique talents of a "live" strolling musician to your reception and your guests will surely have an unforgettable time. Ben Dean joins Atmosphere Productions to perform musical pieces for your traditional Wedding Ceremonies, outdoor Wedding Ceremonies and as a strolling Violinist during Cocktail Hour and/or Dinner. Listen to and watch video of Ben performing. Enjoy Ben's strolling from table-to-table taking requests, heard over an incredible wireless broadcast sound system so that ALL your guests hear the virtuoso talents of this young musician. In a culture where originality is highly valued, performer, clinician, and composer Ben Dean is a stellar talent.  In addition to his conservatory training at the Hartt School of Music, Ben is a highly accomplished recording artist whose work was featured in the movie Brothers Bloom (2009) starring Adrie