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Brides Wedding Speeches - What Should Be Included?

Brides Wedding Speeches – What Should Be Included? By Bev Langford The Expected Content of the Brides Wedding Speeches The question often arises for those giving a Wedding Speech, “What do I have to include?” Here is a guide for each speech presenter to inform you of the expected content for your Wedding Speech. The Father of the Bride Speech The Father of the Bride is first to present the formal Wedding Speech. (If father of the bride is not present then or close friend or relative of the bride, such as an uncle, will take this role to present a Father of the Bride Speech) What the Father of the Bride will present in his Wedding Speech will depend on the individual situation, but things he should include would be the following: Welcoming Wedding guests. Thank those who have travelled long distance to attend the Wedding. Welcoming family elders (grandparents or great Aunts and Uncles). Thank you to Mother of the Bride and others involved in planning and organizing Wedding celebrat