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Atmosphere Productions: 12 Things We Learned From Appearing On "Four Weddings"

Have you ever watched that reality TV show called " Four Weddings " on TLC?  Atmosphere Productions appeared on this reality television show for the first season's finale ".. And A Ball and Chain", with Eric and Amanda's wedding at The Spa at Norwich Inn.   You can catch a re-run or download and watch the episode directly from Amazon . I f you watch enough of them, you really can get a sense of what is important and what is not at a wedding.  Having a bigger budget is not always the way to guarantee a bride wins the honeymoon.  Spending your wedding budget wisely and paying attention to the flow of the day is really what makes a wedding GREAT.  Here are 12 things we learned from this wedding TV show: Make sure everyone can hear you exchange your vows- watch out for distracting surroundings and have someone professionally microphone the ceremony. Having your ceremony outside?   Have backup plans in case of bad weather.  Do not chan