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2 Not-so Cute Traditions That You Should Avoid!

Here's the plot: The Sign Reads "Who Wears the Cake?" At your wedding set out two glasses and indicate that the one with the greater amount of money gets cake smashed in their face during the Cake Cutting Ceremony.... or Without the Bride & Groom peeking before the Cake Cutting Ceremony, guests "bet" on who's going to smash cake in the others face, The Bride or The Groom. I'm sorry but this is TWO tacky wedding “traditions” combined into one! Your guests paying to see you throw cake at each other. You spend so much time as a Bride getting all gorgeous, doing your make-up all perfect. Only for it to be ruined by sticky cake smashed in your face, cake down your dress and not to mention the dancing time wasted while your cleaning up. I don't see why people still find it funny..... We put this one on the HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED list! Photo Credit: