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Atmosphere Productions: Photo Booth FUN is here!

Photo Booths have become an exciting addition to recent wedding receptions in the New England area.  The modern concept of photo booth with a curtain, screen or other material covering the background and entrance originated in 1925 but became wildly popular in the 50's and 60's. Today the vast majority of photo booths are digital and in color, although black and white is still offered. The photo booth both creates and captures memories and, in turn, produces a lot of joy.  Young people obviously have a lot of fun with it, but many people remember piling in the photo booth at the boardwalk when they were kids.  It’s evokes a wonderful nostalgia for them. Are all Wedding Photo Booths the same?  Many of our clients are finding out that they are not! Take a look here at our booth and compare. We use a custom designed booth that is beautiful in elegance and WHITE to match any wedding decor.  These booths employ modern materials with custom software and hardware i