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Mike & Julie - January 1st

On an unusually bright and sunny day, Mike & Julie celebrated their wedding day on the first day of the first month of the eleventh year (1-1-11). The management and staff of the Pavilion On Crystal Lake as usual did a fantastic job creating the holiday atmosphere and providing a sumptuous, luxurious meal.  Photography was provided by Elizabeth Wertz Photography - coincidentally, we performed at Elizabeth & Matthew's wedding back on August 13th, 2005. Also attending were our previous Bride & Grooms, Alicia & Jonathan June 7th, 2003 and Erin & Eric July 12th, 2008.  It's always nice to see our previous clients again and catch up on what they've been see so many at one wedding was such a delight and very heartwarming. Mike & Julie selected Custom Introductions for the Bridal Party and entered, Mike with top hat and tails, to Bing Crosby's "True Love" and into "Loving A Person" by Sara Groves as the First Dan

The Importance Of Videography

Your wedding day is one of the greatest days of your life, and having a videographer at your wedding will preserve those memories forever.  The day can go by very quickly, and with so much going on, you could end up missing some of the most exciting parts of your wedding.  In many surveys, the biggest regret from brides after their wedding is that they didn’t hire a videographer.  As the days go on and memories fade, they wish they had that tangible reminder of all the joy, laughter and love of their special day.   Why hire a professional? Professional videographers have the equipment, skills, and ability to create a wedding film that you can be proud of. Some brides will ask a friend to use their hand-held video camera to film the wedding and the results are almost always poor.  Professional videographers use several cameras and angles to film inside, outside, and in different light levels.  Experienced and talented videographers can produce a film that you will w