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Creating Your Own Romantic Dinners From Cindy's Table

She’s done it again! Cindy Anschutz, a home chef and food enthusiast announces the much anticipated encore publishing of her cookbook, Cindy’s Table, now available on This second edition is full of exciting new photos of Cindy’s travels to Italy, where she received inspiration for her Italian cuisine and entertaining tips. Cindy has also included photos of her family, who continue to be a huge support in her flourishing journey, which started from owning her own computer software training company, to becoming a regular television and social media sensation! Cindy’s passion for cooking started when she was a young girl. She began making dishes and creating her own recipes as soon as she could reach the counter in her Nana’s kitchen. Over the years, Cindy and her grandmother would spend hours creating delicious meals each day and the “masterpieces” were served to the entire family for Sunday dinner. “I have carried those memories with me throughout my life, and after