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6 Unique Guest Book Ideas

Here’s 6 truly unique Guestbook ideas….. Vintage Atlas – Have your guests sign the pages of a vintage road atlas, highlighting the cities they are traveling from or destinations they know the couple is interested in exploring.  Great idea for brides and grooms that have either a  case  of wanderlust or an appreciation of vintage books. Re-Use Wine Bottles – Whether you “message in a bottle” your guest book by reusing old bottles (below, left) or have your guests sign the labels of bottles to be opened in the future (below, right), this is a perfect idea for a vineyard wedding. Make sure to include metallic Sharpies if you want your guests to sign the actual bottle, so that the ink shows up on the dark glass. Advice Coasters – It can never hurt to have a little helpful marital advice at the ready.  On your welcome table have a basket of blank coasters for guests to fill out with advice and funny memories. You’ll end up using these, especially during the first year as you