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How Do I Select The Color Scheme For My Wedding?

How Do I Select The Color Scheme For My Wedding? The color scheme will be one of the earliest decisions you’ll make about your wedding, before you pick a menu or hire a DJ. Your color scheme will inform everything from invitations to bridesmaids’ dresses to flowers and cocktail napkins. Color is the first thing that will strike the eye of your guests, and one of the things they’ll remember the longest. Therefore, choose your color scheme wisely, but not necessarily conservatively. Over the Rainbow Gone are the days when brides chose one pastel color, and it was echoed everywhere. As a result, rainbow weddings no longer hold sway, with each bridesmaid in a different pastel… Brides have, in that sense, gotten over the rainbow. If you love pastels, an updated way to use them is to accent them with a deeper shade of the same color, say, lavender with deep amethyst. However, If you don’t love pastels, there’s never been a better time to go bold in your wedding color choices. Modern weddings