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9 Useful Tips For Our Grooms-to-be

So it’s NOT all about YOU…After reading this you’ll understand how to make it YOUR day. Here are a few tips and suggestions we’ve gathered over our 30 years experience to help our Grooms on the biggest day of their lives: Don’t spend the most important day of your life wearing someone else’s  pants and shoes.  If you can afford it buy your formal wear or tailored suit.  You’ll then always have a formal suit to use again for another formal function. Get a hair cut several weeks BEFORE the wedding date.  If theirs a problem you’ll have time to correct your cropped locks. Add a little touch of personality to Groomsmen’s outfits.  We recently had a Groom and his Bridal Party wear different colored socks. It was classy and fun……. but don’t forget to check with the Bride DON’T drink at all before taking your Vows.  The effects may hit you when least expected it. Eat something and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Don’t just hang out with the guys at the bar. Etiquette