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Wedding Favor Ideas For Your Special Day.

Wedding favors are the perfect way to show how you feel. Though your wedding guests will already know that you care about them, wedding favors give an additional touch of thoughtfulness. They don’t have to be a major item or an expensive one. Something small but meaningful as a memento of the day is all that is needed. There are so many options to choose from in wedding favors. Only your imagination limits you. You can buy them already to give out, or you can make your own. It depends only on what you want to do and the time you have to devote to it. If you plan to buy wedding favors, you can choose something that is meaningful to you and your groom or matches the theme of the wedding ceremony and reception. Personalizing them with your names and the date of the nuptials will make them all the more special. One very good option for wedding favors is a small candle with a ribbon tied around it with a picture of you and your groom attached. A softly scented candle is a very good