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Wedding Favors... Are They Worth It?

Ever wonder why guests are given wedding favors? Early accounts date back to 16th century England where it was common for couples to give love knots made of lace and ribbon to their guests as a favor and to represent their bond of love.  The French and Italians, seem to have taken it one step further giving a box made of porcelain, crystal, precious stones or metal, called a "bonbonniere". Inside was delicacies made of sugar. It was from these boxed and gift wrapped confections that today's wedding favors are derived. Some couples will leave favors at each place setting, while others will have a favor table where the small gifts are displayed and a decorative card attached containing each guest's name and table assignment. Or you can choose to give favors out by hand in exchange for a wedding gift. Whichever way you decide it's your choice. So are they worth it? Favors have become expected, so couples think their guests might think them are stingy, ungrate