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Atmosphere Productions: The Importance of Wedding Insurance

We once again caught up with Steven Lauro from the  WedSafe  wedding insurance program to explain the importance of insuring your wedding. Why should the average bride and groom protect their wedding with wedding insurance? Couples invest significant amounts of time, energy and money in creating their beautiful day. That financial investment should be protected with wedding insurance. Once wedding plans get underway, couples make deposits and payments that may be non-refundable. From relatively small issues that might cause you to incur additional expenses, to unforeseen circumstances that cause the cancellation or postponement of the entire reception, insuring your event is the way to protect your day, your dream and your financial investment. Is wedding insurance more appropriate to high-end weddings than those that cost less? Is homeowner’s insurance more appropriate to a mansion than it is to an average home? Weddings of all sizes and levels of expense can be protected