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Blessing of the Hands: The Hand Ceremony

Blessing of the Hands: The Hand Ceremony The Hand Ceremony is an interesting twist that you can add to your ceremony. We have clients on their second marriages, therefore they are looking for different ways to include all family members. I saw Humanist Celebrant and Justice of the Peace Anita Peters do this Hand Ceremony several years ago. At the time our client wanted to incorporate their daughter into the Ceremony and the Sand Ceremony just wasn’t original enough. The Hand Ceremony During the exchange of vows, the Bride and Groom traced their hands, with any other family members hands onto a matte with a heart in the center. Later, during the Cocktail Hour, guests then write well-wishes in the blank space outside the heart. Consequently, the Bride and Groom would later frame the matte for future posterity. What a simple, memorable and unique addition to your Ceremony. Want to add a version of this during your Ceremony? We found this beautiful reading for you to incorporate: Bless