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Atmosphere Productions: Are You A Barefoot Bride?

Barefoot sandals are not footwear, regardless of what the name may suggest. They are, in fact, foot accessories that originated in South Asia as a form of jewelry to be worn for certain celebrations and ceremonies. They were particularly popular for South Asian brides. Since they aren't actual sandals, barefoot sandals provide no protection for a woman's feet because there are no soles. Styles may vary but, generally, they wrap around the ankles like jewelry anklets and then loop around the second toe for a look that has the appearance of a sandal top. Styles have evolved from its South Asian origins as modern fashion and jewelry designers have taken the barefoot bejeweled look and added their own spin, striving to bring a customarily South Asian look into the Western world. Across cultures, feet have served as a canvas for art and self-expression. Women paint their toenails, get tattoos near the ankle, enjoy intricate henna designs across the foot, and choose jewelry