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Are You Doing La Hora Loca At Your Wedding?

  What’s “La Hora Loca” you ask? Translated, it means, “Crazy Hour” and is a Latin wedding tradition.Hora Loca Show: The carnivalesque mini-bash is a “transitional hour between the traditional wedding reception and the after-party”, (it usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour). In simple terms it’s almost like a carnival blowing through your wedding reception. The lights dim, drums thump, sirens blare and the energy suddenly zooms to 11. Noisemakers, big eyeglasses, props, hats, huge feathers, masks, beads, professional dancers and stilt walkers perform….. oh! Did I forget the fire breathers somersaulting into the room! The important thing is that the party never stops!!! We recently did “La Hora Loca” at Juliana and Andrew’s wedding.  Here are some of the music we used: Juan Luis Guerra – La Bilirrubina Juan Luis Guerra – Visa Para Un Sueno Banda Punta Blanca – Sopa de Caracol Hermanos Rosario – Fin de Semana Carlos Vives – El Mar de Sus Ojos Carlos Vives – Pa’ Mayte Joe Arroyo – Tamarind