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7 Easy Tips For A Same-Sex Wedding Speech.

7 Easy Tips For A Same-Sex Wedding Speech. A same-sex wedding speech is no different than say, the Father of the Bride Speech. As in a typical civil wedding, a same-sex wedding speech is often the first speaker of the reception. Consequently, there are some important things the Speech must cover. The Same-sex Wedding Speech Many people have never been to a same-sex wedding, and they don’t know what to expect. Well, there might be two wedding dresses, or none at all. And all weddings, irrespective of gender, are about two people celebrating their love, and making a lifelong commitment to one another. It is an honor to speak at a wedding, so if you’re asked, here’s an easy and essential outline for a same-sex wedding speech: Start by welcoming the in-laws, then the other relatives, and finally the friends that are in attendance Thank the people who have helped putting the event together. Compliment the couple on their appearance. Talk about your offspring (or relative or friend), abo