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Atmosphere Productions: Amazing Celebrations and Nancy Goldstein

It’s the morning of your daughter’s Sweet 16 and the electricity goes out throughout the building where the party venue is located and there’s a good chance that it won’t come back on until the next day.  The chef thinks that the food will only last a few hours before it starts to spoil.  You have 130 guests getting on buses within several hours and over thirty people set to arrive to handle the entertainment for the event including a guest performer from California. So where are you?  At home relaxing and getting ready for a family photo session. In fact, you don’t even know any of this is happening because you’ve hired a seasoned party planner who is expertly managing ‘command central’ while on the phone making arrangements to switch locations if necessary.  In the end, the electricity goes back on only two hours before the party and you arrive to find breathtaking d├ęcor, vendors in place and food at the ready. It’s the day of your daughter’s wedding, slated to take place under