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Introducing David Rusate of Hops And Spirits

Introducing David Rusate of Hops And Spirits I provide an on location bartending service catering events from birthdays and graduations to weddings and corporate outings. I have different packages pertaining to what the guest wants me to provide and what’s already at the venue for my services. So a little bit about myself… I am 27 years old and I am currently in dietetics major transferring to Uconn to pursue a clinical position as a dietician. I have been in customer service for over 12 years and have held multiple management positions. I’ve been bartending for 10 years and currently a freelance bartender. My true passion in life is making others happy; whether it’s eating healthy, exercising, finding their faith, or providing them with a good experience in customer service. A mobile bartending service is something that’s not too popular locally and I want to change that. My hope is to provide a licensed, and insured “on-location” bar service that leaves my customers and pot

What You Should Know About Your Wedding Day Timeline

You’ve decided on a wedding day. You’ve picked out the church. You’ve got your photographer. What time should the ceremony be? When should the reception start? How much time do you need for photos? Planning your wedding day time-line can be difficult. Let’s break it down and see how much time you should plan for each section of your wedding day. Your Ceremony  – typically you can expect a Justice of the Peace civil ceremony to last 30 minutes maximum.  If you are planning a full mass service – you should plan a full hour to the ceremony.  If you are doing a receiving line after the ceremony – plan on about 20 minutes for every 100 guests. (If you have 200 guests, your receiving line will take 40 minutes!).  If it’s hot out, you do not want to keep your guests in the heat – let them get to the air conditioned reception site.  Exposing your guests to extreme heat for prolonged periods of time drains their energy – and they will not be as responsive later on for dancing. The P