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Atmosphere Productions: Multi-Cultural Marriage Customs by Roseann Benson

With close to two million Multi-Cultural marriages in the U.S, it is apparent that people are not letting the differences in culture hold them back from falling in love.  Increasing rates of immigration result in growing populations of minorities within many large cities, offering a whole new spectrum to the selection process of dating. Multi-Cultural Marriage Customs is a fascinating collection of global wedding traditions that range from practical to whimsical. This fun and informative read will serve as reference material for years to come. Roseann Benson specializes in nonfiction writing, loves traveling, and enjoys learning about other cultures. In the publishing world, Ms. Benson has contributed story ideas to Asian Boston, content comments to Cadogan Guides, and articles for Salem News. She was an editor of and a contributor to "Automation in Proteomics and Genomics: An Engineering Case-Based Problem Solving Approach" and the author of "101 Puppy-Buying T

If the Shoe Fits: Finding the Right Wedding Shoes for You

Carl Jung may have been speaking metaphorically, but boy, did he ever hit the nail on the head when it comes to picking out your wedding shoes. For some brides, fashion is paramount, and designer shoes are a must. Brides with a different take on fashion make their way down the aisle in their Chuck Taylors. Bridal shoes are a big deal these days--and the options are more vast than ever. Pumps are the classic choice, and looks can be anything but plain. Brides can opt for a traditional closed-toe pump, or select a flirty peep-toe. All manner of clip-on embellishments are available everywhere  from bridal shops to Etsy, and include everything from rhinestones to flowers. If pumps aren't your style, strappy sandals are another elegant, and popular option. Wedge-heeled sandals continue to be popular, and are increasingly available in wedding-worthy styles. High heels aren't the only way to achieve glamour in your wedding footwear, though. Kitten heels provide style and a litt