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Atmosphere Productions: Does Size Really Matter?

According to the Association for Bridal Consultants, the average American wedding includes 175 guests, and the average size of the wedding party is 12 people. The average Connecticut wedding includes an average of 133 guests, based on data from The Knot 's 2013 Real Wedding Survey. Many couples may view these averages and feel pressured to throw a big wedding. But smaller events can be just as much fun and easier on the wallet. Small weddings tend to be more intimate. Couples can spend more individual time with guests instead of having to spread their time thinly around a large reception hall. Destination weddings have become quite popular and are most successful with a small group. But does guest size really matter?  It should ONLY matter to the Bride and Groom or the persons involved in financing their special day. Atmosphere Productions LLC  is a CT Wedding DJ, providing professional mobile entertainment service, Music, Reception Entertainme