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Atmosphere Productions: Thank You Card Wording

The wedding has been and gone, the honeymoon was amazing and now you have returned back to reality and have a million people to thank… welcome to wedding card thank you nightmare!  The Thank You cards are often the most laborious wedding task ever as you need to make sure you have all of the right names and gifts and then also there are the bridal party, ushers and other helpers to thank.  Having pre printed Thank You cards is becoming the norm these days so we have prepared a few examples of Thank You card wording to help cut through the endless hours of hand crippling handwriting! Exam ple #1 Thank You for being a part of our joy in such a special way. Example #2 Our sincerest thanks for all your good wishes and very lovely gift. Example #3 Thank you so much for the gorgeous gift, we were incredibly touched to see you at the wedding. Example #4 Thank you for the wedding present .It is certainly a unique gift; you are always so thoughtful and ge

Atmosphere Productions: Erin & Greg - July 15th

With the ongoing construction of the Arrigoni Bridge in Middletown, CT any travel in and around the Middletown / Portland area is precarious at best, until repairs are completed in November of 2012.  Not wanting to take any risks with traffic getting to one of our events in this area, we've bookmarked the Department of Transportation cameras and closely monitor them prior to heading out. We experienced no such delays.  Arrived nice and early for set-up at The Pavilion on Crystal Lake in Middletown and coordinated details with the always friendly staff. Erin and Greg had carefully selected music for Cocktails and Dinner and wanted an upbeat feel to their reception.  Greg is a big fan of the Chicago Bulls and we used Alan Parsons Projects "Sirius" for Introductions.  Then into Keith Urban's "Making Memories" for the First Dance. It's always very special to me when past clients see us at a wedding.  Erin and Greg's reception seemed to have more