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Atmosphere Productions: Let's Meet - Face to Face

iChat by Apple Atmosphere Productions is available for video conference meetings via Skype and iChat or FaceTime. We know that your busier than ever and your time is important.  Why drive all over the State - with the cost of gas over $4 a gallon - when you can use the technology that's already at your finger tips.  This is a no-brainer. In the coming years you wont be able to escape video conferencing.  At this years Consumer Electronics Show Samsung presented "smartTV's" that let you video conference and use apps on your TV.  The technology is here and is not scary…. just cool!! We just met face to face with clients Sarah & Jerry from Tampa and Liz & Jamie from England… all via video conferencing and from the comfort of their home. It's simple to set up a free account with your computer equipped with video camera.  Emails us with your Skype or iChat name to be added to our contact list.  Join us iChat: samdj1000 Skype: atmosphereproducti