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Wedding Tip - Bridal Party Introductions

The introduction of the Grandparents, Parents, Usher, Bridesmaid, Best Man, Maid/Matron of Honor and the Bride & Groom is an essential part of any traditional wedding reception. But, todays couples are always looking for unique or different elements to make their day stand out. I recently came across this video on youtube. This is a video of the Bridal Party making their entrance into the church prior to the ceremony. Although not a video of a traditional reception introduction it does show how unique ideas translate with todays couples: Atmosphere Productions has a wealth of suggestions and ideas for your introductions.... and we are always open to new ideas. Here are some options: Traditional Introductions: Include announcements of Grandparents, Parents and the entire Bridal Party. Typically one piece of music for the Bridal Party and a different piece for the Bride & Groom. Custom Introductions: Include

Gina & Garrett - July 25th

The Lake of Isles is one of my favorite banquet facilities in Connecticut. The Lake of Isles Pequot Village Ballroom is set in the beautiful countryside of North Stonington, overlooking the stunning Lake of Isles. You could not select a more picturesque location for your wedding ceremony and reception. Director of Catering, Sheila Graham, does an exceptional job planning and coordinating all the special details. Sheila's hard work and dedication to excellence is evident in the quality of each and every event - which is one of the reasons Atmosphere Productions is highly recommended by Lake of Isles. Without exception Gina & Garrett picked one of the best days of July to have an elegant Cocktail Hour outside. They took full advantage of the weather and joined the guests on the Lakefront Deck overlooking the lake. Atmosphere Productions provided our very own Strolling Violinist Ben Dean for live music outside on the deck playing a mix of classical and contemporary sel