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Turn Your Wedding Into A Time Of Giving

    Why not make your wedding a time for reaching out to others in need, a time for giving and sharing. It is so easy to get lost in one’s own needs that finding ways to think of others can actually make your wedding planning less stressful! Here are a few ideas with you:     For those couples who have everything, ask your guests to donate to one (or several) of your or their favorite charities. At there is a Wedding Registry, replete with an on line form and search engine to help even the most internet-challenged decide which, of over 850,000 charities to choose from! You can even submit a picture, biography of yourself and your groom, and any details about the wedding you wish to provide. When guests make donations, your name is mentioned. Wedding favors are lovely and cute but many don’t even make it home with the guests! Instead of a wedding favor, you can donate a set amount to a favorite charity in each guests name. But if you do decide to have favors, think ab

Travel Tips For That Romantic Honeymoon

As your wedding day approaches, so does your long-awaited honeymoon. Finally, no more guests and no more planning, just the two of you alone in a romantic getaway. Below is a checklist of items you may need to help prevent some potential mishaps:    1. Passport and visas if you are traveling overseas - make sure you have applied for these items far in advance. Remember that security is now extremely tight and unyielding. While you are on your vacation, keep your passport and visas in a safe location, so you won't run into any complications during your return trip.    2. Carry an adapter for small appliances like your hair dryer or curling iron. If you are going to a foreign country, remember that your electrical plugs may not be the same voltage as required for the electrical outlets available.    3. Prescription medication - anything that is crucial to your well being will help make your trip that much more enjoyable. If you have allergies and forget your medication, you may

Jill & Mark - Oct 9th

I went to a wedding and a football game broke out... No, it's not a bad Abbott & Costello punchline but what actually happened this weekend at Jill and Mark's wedding celebration. The celebration started Friday afternoon with a tortuous four hour ride up to Boston on the Mass Pike - it seemed like everyone had decided to take Friday off, enjoy the weekend and see the stunning Fall foliage. The planned Welcome Party at The Hotel Indigo was extended to accommodate guests arriving late.  Our hosts, Jill and Mark graciously welcomed each guest with a gift bag that set the tone and spirit of the weekend. Early Saturday morning everyone, attired in Cornell colors, headed to the Harvard Stadium, in Cambridge, for a tailgate breakfast under a huge covered tent.  The Ceremony began outside, with the Cornell Marching Band playing Processional music.  Of course, the Bride wore white and the Groom wore black.... Cornell sweatshirts that is.  The Officiant presided over the Cer